Welcome to our MCA Gallery & Gift Shop

How to Exhibit in the MCA Gallery

Western Slope Artists may rent gallery wall space to display their work for a monthly fee. Each display’s duration is four months, when the artist may renew or opt-out.

Renewal requires replacement or refreshing of the display for the subsequent four-month period. Reservations can be made with the gallery manager.

While we primarily cater to the Western Slope artist community, we also allow exhibitors from all over the country!

The Gallery also hosts an invited guest artist to exhibit for a one-month period opening with a reception on the First Friday of each month.

The Gift Shop

Visit The MCA Gift Shop – It’s Not Your Five N’ Dime!

Check out the beautiful and unique gift items in the MCA Gift Shop. All pieces are affordable art waiting for you or that special someone to own – a portion of the heart and soul of each artist who created it for you.

Items include greeting cards, clay works, paintings, hand-crafted jewelry, silk and fiber creations. New and different offerings are consistently added to enhance your range of choice and variety.

Honor a special occasion with your gift of art or simply treat yourself. Welcome to happy shopping!

**Our artists, artworks, and inventory are always changing. Inventory will be refreshed or removed every 6 months as requested by the gift shop committee. Images shown here may or may not reflect our current stock. Come visit us to see what’s new!**

How to Sell Art Items in the MCA Gift Shop

Artists, MCA welcomes you to submit art items for display and sale in the gift shop.

A review committee will review and judge submissions subject to artistic creativity, material quality, presentation, and marketability. Reviews are held on the second Monday of the month by appointment.


Gift Shop artists must complete a digital form with their contact and art submission info, including digital images and pricing. MCA will process each submission, schedule a date for the approved item(s) are to be delivered to MCA, and generate coded labels to place with each item.


Gift Shop Artists are expected to replace items as they are sold and refresh their inventory at the end of each six months.


MCA will conduct all sales, collect sales tax and pay and report all sales information to the appropriate agencies.


The commission schedule is 70% of the sale to an MCA Member Artist and 60% to non-members.

*Items that have been approved, coded, and added to inventory; shall not be sold outside of MCA. Items on display in our Gallery and Gift Shop must be purchased through MCA, so commissions and inventory remain accurate.*

If you are interested in participating in the MCA Gift Shop and sharing your talent, please contact the Gift Shop Manager to schedule a review.

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